Ultimate Millionaire Masterplan l Airbnb Propertie$ that Profit l Ultimate T-Shirt Business Guide

Become a successful social media influencer l Start your own Travel Agency & get paid to travel

Vending Machine Business l 350 + Ultimate Verified Vendors l Candle Business for Beginners

100+ Funding Resources to finance & grow your business l Custom Event Sweets & Treats Business

How to sell Branded Products on Amazon , Ebay, Shopify l Turo Business 101

Brand Yourself Like A Boss l Business Credit, EIN , LLC l 360 Photo Booth Business l Affiliate Marketing

Luxury Picnic Business l Turo Business l Tiktok & Youtube Marketing



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  • Start From Scratch To Generate Sales
  • How to start your online business
  • The ultimate guide to starting a Airbnb empire
  • Start Your TURO buisness
  • Blogging Business for Beginners
  • DIY Credit Repair
  • Vending Machine Business 101
  • 360 Photo Booth Business
  • social media influencer
  • Ultimate T-Shirt Business Guide
  • Luxury Picnic Business
  • Turo Business for Beginners
  • Tiktok & Youtube Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

  • How To Find & Source Products That Are GUARANTEED To Sell
  • The Best Marketing Strategies To Bring In $1,000's PER MONTH
  • Apps That I Use To TRIPLE My Sales
  • All The Tactics That I Use To Build my store successfully
  • How To Increase Order Value and Retain Customers
  • How To Properly Build Your Store
  • How To wholesale and Manual dropship successfully
  • How to set up your EBAY store and list products
  • How to set up and list amazon products on your store
  • Access to 400+ Vendors and Wholesalers
  • Millionaire Money Manifestation Playbook
  • How to get a LLC & EIN
  • Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Candle Business Planner & so much more!

  • How to start & build Business Credit
  • How to Brand yourself
  • How to start Dropshipping
  • How to start a Beauty business
  • How to start a Clothing Boutique
  • Tons of Business Resources
  • List of Grants , Loans
  • How to start a Custom treats business
  • How to sell Branded Products on Amazon , Ebay, Shopify
  • How to Setup your Shopify store
  • How to Market on Social Media
  • How to start a travel agency
  • Start to drop ship within a few hours
  • Set Up Your Shopify Store In The Most Visually Appealing Trustworthy Way


About Us

Greetings, dear friend! I'm Monae, a wife and a mother of three wonderful children. I wear many hats as a Business Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, successfully managing multiple online ventures. It all started six years ago when I embarked on my first online business as a side gig. In under four years, I transformed it into a six-figure enterprise, granting me the financial freedom to lead the lifestyle of my dreams. I relish the ability to travel with my family wherever and whenever we please, and I've made it my mission to empower as many aspiring female entrepreneurs as possible to achieve the same.

As the world grappled with shutdowns, I observed the plight of mothers seeking ways to earn online while tending to their families. This led me to create the MILLIONAIRE BAG BUNDLE—a platform brimming with financial resources. Here, you'll find the Ultimate Wealth Blueprints, a curated list of over 400 verified vendors, marketing strategies, comprehensive guides, and a wealth of other invaluable resources. I firmly believe that you possess more potential than you realize, and I'm here to provide you with the tools and unwavering support to help you shatter your limitations and craft a life you adore. I specialize in coaching everyday women, showing them how to construct profitable online businesses, paving the way for generational wealth and the freedom to explore their dream lifestyles.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at Support@Millionairebagbundle.com.

- Monae Clasberry

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